Hasen non-woven technology Moscow nonwoven Exhibit

Guangzhou Hasen Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd.,  (Guangzhou GOHasen the Nonwovens Industry Co., Ltd.) is a specialized non-woven manufacturer and non-woven products, non-woven  manufacturer ,vendors and non-woven supplier,a wide range of non-woven products, has been committed to the expansion of domestic and overseas non-woven business, our company from January 14 to 17 in 2013, attended the four-day exhibition of international non-woven products in the Russian capital -Moscow. The exhibition spot effect, attracting a lot of foreign businessmen to visit the booth, understand and ask intention to sign orders. By foreign exhibition. 2013 certainly usher in greater development is Guangzhou Hasen Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd. . Guangzhou Hasen (GOHasen), non-woven products in the foreign customer base visibility, recognition will continue to improve! Guangzhou Hasen (GOHasen) customers total lean!

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